• Light Planning

    Both daylight and architectural lighting design are fundamental elements of the planning process. Early involvement in a project enables us to understand the aspirations of the client and key stakeholders; this allows us to deliver a comprehensive lighting design strategy. Services Include :

    • Light pollution assessments
    • Dark sky park assessments
    • Site and city-wide lighting strategies
    • Development massing studies (BRE209)
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  • Designing for Daylight

    Daylight holds the greatest quality of light and we all prefer to live our lives and work in daylit spaces.  Daylight is a dynamic light source, we understand this and work with the architect and interior designer to deliver well controlled daylight solutions.  Services Include:

    • Museum and gallery design & analysis
    • Health and well being design & analysis
    • Climate based daylight modelling (CBDM)
    • Glare Analysis including pools
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  • Architectural Lighting Design

    Our approach is to truly understand the people using our designed spaces, and the tasks they are undertaking. We take the time to understand the architecture, interior design, landscape design and material palette – ensuring the solutions deliver the ambition and needs of everyone.  Services Include:

    • Fitout workplace design
    • Shopping centre and retail design
    • Hotel and leisure design
    • Façade and landscape lighting
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  • Lighting Installations

    We all enjoy the unusual and unexpected and our lighting installations, luminaire designs and light art deliver unique and personal experiences.  Where required, our in-house lighting control design utilises bespoke ‘app’ software for a truly tailored lighting solution.  Services include:

    • Large atrium feature pendants
    • External interactive lighting structures
    • Single event installations
    • Lighting control system design
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