Daylight Studies

Whilst Climate Based Daylight Modelling is only a requirement for the EFA priority schools projects, CBDM provides so much more information about the performance of the fa├žade, architecture and internal spaces that we used it in designing a new learning centre for Southampton University.

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    Architectural Lighting Design

    Designing for Daylight

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  • Client

    Southampton University

  • Architect

    Fielden Clegg & Bradley Studios

Reflecting on Analysis

The huge benefit of CBDM is its use of sunlight and diffuse sky light. This means that we can truly see the benefit of light redirecting surfaces versus roller blinds or indeed no blinds. The result will be well controlled sunlight which arrives as useful light into the learning spaces. This in turn provides good circadian quality light, i.e. a good level of light with the appropriate wavelength of the spectrum of light.