Birmingham, UK

Snow Hill Green Wall

Greening the City

The green wall in Birmingham is situated outside of the three Snow Hill office buildings. The lighting design fades through cool and warm white to illuminate the waveform cladding panels which sit between the planting. The animation maintains a visual interest for the passers by and adjacent office workers.

  • Services

    Architectural Lighting Design

  • Sectors


    Public Realm

  • Client

    Cheshire Shake Shaft

  • Architect


Cool White Wash

Fade to White

With health & wellbeing and air quality being so important to all of us it was great to see a developer and a city promote such installations as this green wall and the lighting design. Adjacent to this area is now a tram line which was known about at the time of the lighting being installed. As such the mock up session tested for any potential glare for the tram drivers which reinforces the importance of such sessions during the design and construction period.

Warm White Wash