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Sainsbury’s Digital Lab

Going Underground

Light4 was brought in with a very clear brief to deliver an office lighting solution which provides the qualities the staff need for their job, reflects the latest research in office lighting design, helps to attract the best staff in the industry and delivers an energy efficient installation.

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Office area


The design took its inspiration from Blade Runner and 2001: A Space Odyssey. The concept captured the high tech, purposeful and deliberate lighting effects and shapes from those films. The work pods reflect (but don’t copy) the scene where Dave walks through the airlock in his battle with HAL 9000. The scrum rooms are provided with a repetitive ‘1’ & ‘0’ binary code to reflect the design of computers which can endlessly process the same tasks and deliver the same answer.


The mezzanine balcony and also the area below the balcony are provided with just about a sufficient level of light to allow a person to see the task area they need to focus on. This follows the blade runner strategy where the area of interest was always in stark contrast to the surrounding areas.

Pods Entrance

Imagery © Casey Photography