News - 04 Apr 2018

Winner of Lux Awards 2015 - Sainsbury's Digital Hub

Sainsbury's lighting office

Cundall was delighted Sainsbury’s Digital Hub won the Lux Awards 2015 Office and Workplace Lighting Project of the Year category at the awards ceremonies in London on the 19 November 2015.

Cundall Light4 provided Lighting Design services on Sainsbury’s Digital Hub, the design reflects latest research in office lighting design, helps to attract the best staff in the industry and delivers an energy efficient installation as well as delivers an office lighting solution which provides the qualities the staff need for their job.

The ‘Digital Lab’ at its London headquarter houses 180 developers, digital designers, product owners, engineers and testers who will test new ways of shopping. These new digital experts will run and improve Sainsbury’s existing digital platforms for customers, such as the website and mobile shopping apps.

Cundall’s lighting design team created a design which took its inspiration from Blade Runner and 2001: A Space Odyssey. The concept captured the high tech, purposeful and deliberate lighting effects and shapes from those films. The hexagonal work pods reflect the scene where Dave walks through the airlock in his battle with HAL 9000. The scrum rooms are provided with a repetitive ‘1’ & ‘0’ binary code to reflect the design of computers which can endlessly process the same tasks and deliver the same answer.