News - 27 Nov 2018

We need your plastic

plastic bags and logo

Cundall is creating an exciting art and light installation which will highlight how our bad habits are damaging our habitat. We want you to collect plastic bags which will form a major part of this installation.

What we are looking for:

- Clean plastic bags that you no longer need
- Branded

We are providing friends of Cundall with a reusable tote bag and asking you to fill this then a Cundall colleague will come and collect these. Click here if your bag is full and ready for collection.

We would like to collect as many bags as possible before 30th April 2019. If you have any questions please contact Bettina Easton, Head of Light4 Australia, +612 8424 7036.

That is all we can say about the project at the moment but watch this space for further news.