News - 23 Jan 2019

Cable ties and gaffer tape

Darc Awards 2018 Darc Awards 2018

What would we do without cable ties and gaffer tape, seriously?! . Having been involved in a number of temporary lighting installations over the years, I can’t think of one that has not made use of these fabulous fixing solutions. Anyway, about the installation itself. Consisting of 50 balls of wool, 16 log baskets, 7m of blackout cloth, a handful of house bricks and a random towel hoop the whole thing came together (not forgetting our trusty ties & tape) in an impressive installation time of only 4h and 45m. For those who haven’t worked it out yet, the reasoning behind using wool as the key element to the structure of our temporary Christmas tree installation was to represent the founder of Fagerhult – Bertil Svensson’s first luminaire which was designed to help his mother whilst knitting.The design itself, much like Bertil’s question-mark lamp had numerous iterations and we struggled to meet the £600 materials budget -  not to mention  our sheer determination  to construct the entire thing in less than one day. However, we rallied together and with the help of the great team at Fagherhult - we triumphed.