News - 04 Apr 2018

Front cover Mondo arc magazine: NOMA Earth Tubes Manchester

Mondo NOMA Earth tubes

NOMA Earth Tubes featured on the front cover of mondo*arc Issue 89 * February/March 2016 | The International lighting magazine for designers.

Mondo*arc is a leading international magazine in architectural lighting design. Targeted specifically at the lighting specification market, mondo*arc offers insightful editorial on architectural, retail and commercial lighting.

Cundall Light4 provided a bespoke lighting design for the three earth tubes which are the air-intake tunnels for the adjacent Co-operative office at 1 Angel Square. NOMA Earth Tubes has certainly been shining since the completion in December 2015.

Cundall Light4, StudioTech and Osram are proud of the achievement and the successfully delivery of one of Manchester’s inspiring public realm pieces for The Co-Operative Group and Hermes. This is a standout Light Art installation which will continue to evolve over time.

Watch the video clip of the interactive NOMA earth tubes and out more about the project here.