News - 09 Apr 2018

Designing for dark skies

The Sill

The Sill is the UK’s National Landscape Discovery Centre at Once Brewed located in the Northumberland National Park, Europe’s largest gold tier dark sky park. The project was a collaboration between the Northumberland National Park Authority and the YHA. 
Dark skies are essential for our own health and wellbeing; for wildlife and for astronomers. Developing the lighting strategy for a building which sits within Northumberland National Park therefore came with a huge responsibility.
Cundall Light4® undertook the existing site light spill assessment, developed the lighting design strategy and proved through analysis that the stringent dark sky park criteria would be met. The end result celebrates the architectural form and natural materials of the building without any detrimental effect on the night sky. 
If you have a requirement to reduce or eliminate spill light into the sky then please contact:

Andrew Bissell: T 07899 907 978
Hannah Murphy: T 0161 200 1247

Imagery © Kristen McCluskie