News - 18 Apr 2019

Cundall part of Vivid Sydney 2019

Habit/at Vivid 2019

A Cundall Light4 installation will feature in Vivid Sydney for the first time.

The inclusion of Cundall in the globally renowned lighting festival follows the appointment of leading lighting designer Bettina Easton at the end of 2018. Bettina joined Cundall’s global Light4 team to offer lighting design in Australia.

Vivid Sydney is the largest festival of light, music and ideas in the Southern Hemisphere. Over 23 days and nights, the festival celebrates Sydney as the creative hub of the Asia-Pacific with large-scale light installations and projections; free family events; music performances and collaborations; and creative ideas, discussion and debate. In its eleventh year Vivid Sydney will run from 24 May to 15 June 2019.

Sydney based Bettina and the global Light4 team are creating an exciting art and light installation which will highlight how our bad habits are damaging our habitat. They are combining award winning lighting design with their sustainability strategy One Planet, One Chance, which includes materials and supply chain as a key impact.

The 3D installation will be located at the prominent location on Circular Quay, representing a discarded water bottle lid. The external lighting multiplies in the reflective surface, emphasising that the longevity of plastic waste presents an ever-growing problem. The vibrant and striking multiple lines of light capture people’s attention and imagination. Inside, responsive lighting is motion triggered, revealing thousands of discarded plastic bags from across the globe held behind netting on the walls and ceiling. 

Cundall is collaborating with Plenary Group, Richard Crookes and Onelight to bring their design to life.

Bettina Easton, Light4 Associate. “Plastic has been making headlines both here in Australia and globally, we are hoping this installation will make people think about how they can change their habits to reduce our reliance on plastic”

Plastic bags are a major part of the work and Cundall is asking for people collect plastic bags to contribute to the installation.

“Those who have collected bags so far have commented on how it has made them realise how many bags they use, even after the major supermarkets banning single use bags” explained Bettina “we are asking people to take part, get thinking and to have the chance to be part of the Vivid installation”.

If you would like to contribute bags contact your local Cundall office.