News - 13 Jun 2018

Cundall Light4 completes lighting design at Plexal Here East


“Lighting design should first and foremost focus on the needs of people, connecting them with spaces that promote health & wellbeing,” says Andrew Bissell, Director of Cundall Light4.

This approach is perfectly exemplified at Plexal Here East, just one of many exemplar creative lighting projects showcased on the newly launched website and where Cundall Light4 has recently completed lighting design for the innovation centre for technology entrepreneurs within Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The lighting design for Plexal Here East needed to match the dynamic nature of the start-up companies that would occupy the space. By taking a people-first approach to the lighting design, Cundall Light4 opted for desk-mounted task lights as they not only focus light where it is most required but can be moved with the desk as the company grows and reorganises.

Plexal Here East’s design also features a Makers’ Yard where rehearsals, events and prototyping can take place. Here, Cundall Light4 has used biodynamic flat-panel lights and acoustic panels to create an abstract factory north light. Taking inspiration from the glazed north lights found in traditional warehouses, standard flat-panel luminaires hang on an angle adjacent to acoustic fibre board to give the impression the ceiling is open to the sky. The solution is well designed to provide the high illumination levels required for the specialised prototyping and making, whilst giving the room the feeling of spaciousness.

“The success of any lighting design boils down to understanding the architectural intentions of the project and then using light as a response to enhance the space and user experience,” continues Andrew. “Cundall Light4’s knowledge of the construction process has enabled us to design lighting solutions which are deliverable, whilst our reputation for being at the forefront of industry thinking and research has allowed us to incorporate modern technology and inspirational new ideas into the design for Plexal Here East, creating a space where people want to spend time and innovate.”

The lighting design at Plexal Here East is testament to the diverse experience of the Cundall Light4 team who bring with them backgrounds in lighting, interior and product design, as well as programming and technical know-how. With an enviable number of exemplar projects now in its portfolio, Cundall Light4 has launched its own bespoke website to showcase the stunning array of lighting projects they have delivered, from lighting designs at Stansted Airport, QBE Plantation House and Teesside University through to unique projects such as Mossley Hill Church, The Sill Landscape Discovery Centre and the magnificent design of the Light Art installation for the NOMA Earth Tubes in Manchester.

“Lighting is an incredibly visual medium and we wanted to develop a platform where everyone could see the diversity of our lighting projects. Our services do not just encompass architectural lighting design or large-scale lighting installations, but also designing for daylight and light planning, which is reflected in our selection of showcase projects Whether you’re interested in lighting design for workplace, retail, healthcare or heritage projects, or understanding the complexities of designing a lighting scheme for the largest area of protected night sky in Europe – there’s guaranteed to be something on to illuminate your day!”